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Quang Dung – Da Khuc Cho Tinh Nhan

Composer: Le Uyen Phuong
English Title: A Serenade for My Lover
Translated By: Gigi

The day you lighted a star in the sky
Waiting for the moon and wind to rise on the open shore
But instead a storm surfaced, tearing everything to pieces
The day the storm and rain didn't descend
On those youthful shoulders
A warm, passionate kiss is placed beside your pillow
Stars follow the wind falling down on this world
We both drank away those uninhibited days
We both counted the dreams that turned to ashes
I serenade my beloved to sleep, beneath the dark sky

As soon as the flowers blossomed
My lover is already so far away
Fate has always separated us
Just once to be beside you, but all in vain
We loved each other with worried hearts
Lost count of the times we missed each other
Withered flowers fall covering the road back
Causing the stars to grow lonely at night
Dark colors mirrored by illuminating lanterns
Our love still exists within a world of fidelity

Fate has separated us for eternity
Eyes brimmed with warm tears bid farewell
Please let this be the last
Our love is passionate and unwavering
Because after experiencing so many miracles
Bitterness and pain filled our lives

Night reveals the door to the grave
Please let the first dream last forever
A new star has fallen, I feel my soul grow numb
Within the fluttering smoke of the incense
Love, please don't forsake my devotion
I send all of my love to the one who's far away
We've shed countless tears for each other
Sealing those dreams of the past within
If we love each other, let us find each other always
To die beside one another is such a natural thing.


Quang Dung- Khac Khoai

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Composer: Dieu Huong
Lyrics Translation: Mikki
English Title: Apprehensive

I'm sitting here afraid of the dark shadow
The dark shadow that passed through a long night
A dreary night. Oh, the desolateness of
My soul...I became apprehensive
Anticipating for every second, every minute to arrive
A cease to these pains
Waiting for light during the day-time
Like that once sense of hope
For the misery to end

Because you have already gone far, far away
Your past loving words resound
Daylight is approaching, already separating our love
Every passing night it's torturing me
In the dark shadow of departure

I'm sitting here retracing every step
Counting your returned footprints
But it's a far, too far trail
You're are still lost in daze
We used to love...Don't perpetuate
These endless pains
Creating broken pieces in our soul
Permanently engraving in each of our life
Wounds and scars


Quang Dung & Thanh Ha – Co Ua

Composer: Lam Phuong
English Title: Withered Grass
Translated By: Gigi

If you still remember my name, please recall it within your dreams
If there's any bit of love left, please let it echo throughout
Am I still in love because there are times I reminisce on the past?
I'm truly forgetting everything, yet why is my heart still waiting?

Ever since you left me, I drown my miseries and sorrows with wine
A white cloth hung across my bedroom, as if I'm in mourning (1)
Turbulent storms collided the day you returned to that place
While I'm here still drunk on my sorrow every lonely night

One evening, you recited a poem on a hill
Even the grasses felt lovesick as they withered into a golden color
I weaved my own dreams with every sound of my guitar next to my loved one
That's when I realized that I had fallen in love

Oh, my "friend", this fairy tale of ours has diminished
Our love is like dust, I only hope for us to be together
I buried my head in my shoulders so I could hear my life shatter
I shouldn't hold onto the past; it'll only make me feel miserable.

Translator's Note:
Lam Phuong was one of the famous Vietnamese composer pre-Vietnam War. He wrote a lot of songs pre-war and sold them for lots of money. However, post-war he fled overseas and lost everything he had. During this time that he was poor, his wife hastily left him. He wrote this song during this incident along with another famous song called "Lam" (Mistake) with a verse that read "Anh da lam dua em sang day" (I was mistaken when I brought you over here).

(1) In Vietnamese culture, during a funeral ceremony, family members of the deceased would wear white and tie a piece of white cloth around their head. White can mean purity and innocence, but it is also a color associated with death. What this verse in the song means is that every since his wife left him, it's as if she had passed away because she is no longer beside him. He is heartbroken and is mourning his loss so to speak.


Tinh Khuc, Biet Khuc

Artists:1) Ngoc Ha 2) Lam Nhat Tien 3) Thuy Duong 4) Quang Dung
Song: 1) Toc Gio Thoi Bay 2) Mua Tinh Cuoi Dong 3) Moi Hong Dao 4) Mot Lan Nao Cho Toi Gap Lai Em
Creator: chibimikki


Quang Dung- Ao Lua Ha Dong

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Composer: Ngo Thuy Mien
English Title: Ha Dong Silk Dress
Translated by: Gigi

It's sunny in Saigon, but I felt a cool breeze when I walked
It's because you wore that Ha Dong silk dress
I still love the color of that dress so much
I still love the color of that dress so much

I still remember how you sat here with your short hair
But the Autumn season lengthened so much all around us
My soul hastily painted your portrait,
And I hastily sealed it within my wide-opened soul

You suddenly came, and suddenly left, but I still understand
Since weather changes suddenly with rain and sunshine, and that's nothing
But why did you disappear without leaving me a word?
Causing me to let out a cry that echoed repeatedly

Where are you now, Autumn with the short hair?
I held the color of that silk dress within my heart
I still love the color of that dress so much
I still love the color of that dress so much

I still love the color of that dress, my dear.

Translator's Note:
Ha Dong silk is Vietnam's best silk, produced in the province Ha Tay which lies southwest of Hanoi. Silk from this area is often called "Ha Dong silk" referencing to the provincial capital Ha Dong. The art of silk weaving in Ha Tay was said to begin over 2,000 years ago. During feudal times, silk was considered to be an extreme luxury mainly worn by royalties and aristocrats. So for a dress to made from such fine silk, indicates that the dress itself is very beautiful. The dress mentioned in this song is the Vietnamese long dress known as the "ao dai."


Quang Dung – Ta

Composer: Quoc Dung
Poet: Pham Ngoc
English Title: I
Translated By: Gigi

I'm drunken with sorrow
I'm laughing hysterically with the pain
I'm searching for the source
I'm escaping towards the open sea

I'm standing in front of the sky's entrance
I'm calling out to my lover of a hundred years
I'm inflicted with pain within a broken dream
I'm letting loose the words of remorse

I'm sinking into the river of my consciousness
I'm extending my hand out to beckon
The road on this world is dim and distant
I have yet to find my path of return

We lost each other yesterday
We search for each other today
I'm a different person every day
I'm a bird that has lost its way.


Quang Dung – Tinh Nho

Composer: Trinh Cong Son
English Title: Love's Yearning
Translated By: Gigi

Love seemed to be forgotten, like a heart's struggle to remain frozen
You seemed to be so far away, yet you return so suddenly
Oh, that dress which flutters freely, has driven the evening sky away
Like every flow of water washing away the gloomy days

Love seemed to have disappeared, but love is still brimming
You seemed to have departed, but your presence still lingers around here
Every gentle footsteps that have walked across your life and made their mark
Like every pebble dropping into the heart of a vast ocean

When the pain hasn't lengthen, then love has a hint of sunlight
When the pain has risen fully, then love has already become so immense
One person returns to the summit, while the other returns to the abyss
Allowing love to sink deeper, like the birds' shadows across the mountain pass

Love seemed to wither within us, but love is still bustling
You seemed to have forgotten everything, but you are still filled with longing
Every one of those hestitant fingers that brought this love closer
Like boisterous winds by the shore bringing an end to a wandering life

You seemed to be someone of the past, but then you suddenly return
Love seemed to exist remotely, but love is actually infinite
Oh, that grieving heart has known happiness once again for a moment
Like a distant shore that just experienced drought is already submerged in rain.

Translator's Notes: I found another video of this song and the video contains a comment written by Trinh Cong Son. I decided to translate it and place it here since it seems to suit the song and will possibly allow us into the mind and heart of Trinh Cong Son, even if only for little bit.

"I will always remember and adore the age of youth, which is an age of passionate love. While I do adore the wonderful years of my life, I also cherish that piece of my life that I have already lost."
- Trinh Cong Son


Quang Dung – Vi Do La Em

Composer: Dieu Huong
English Title: Because It's You
Translated by: Gigi

I don't need to know who you are.
I don't need to know where you're from.
I don't need to know how you will be tomorrow.

I love you as much as there are clouds and vast seas.
I love you from the withering winters to the ending days.
I love you like I love the vast area of the sky.

I don't need to know how long the night would last.
I don't need to know how many times my body will wither.
I sit counting the names of time.

I feel my love has risen as high as the hill-tops.
As though what was far away has returned close to me.
I love you when I only know that it's you.

And from that point, I loved you without hesitation.
And from that point, every footstep felt much more closer.
One day came, my heart became wild and crazy.
And every evening that came brought a feeling of boundless sadness.

Even if I know that you are now leaving,
Even if I know that you won't wait for me,
But my heart still feels this craze.
I feel that deep down, I have forgotten the hate and sadness.

I love you, never once resenting you.
I love you because I only know that it's you.


Quang Dung- Anh Se Den


Quang Dung- Em Da Thay Mua Xuan Chua MV