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Quoc Khanh – Bai Khong Ten Cuoi Cung

Composer: Vu Thanh An
English Title: The Last Untitled Song
Translated By: Gigi

I miss you so much but I never told you
Even if I told you, nothing would change
Oh, the pain is already growing so immensely
If I said any more, I would feel depressed more
What's there to promise anymore?

Countless times you have promised
Countless promises that you then forgot about
I don't know who to believe anymore
Days still continue to pass, I'm still here
What's there to wait to me?

Oh, my dear
The road that you decided to walk on,
The road that you eventually followed,
Where will it eventually lead you?
If rain was to pass when you're beside your husband
Would it cause you to cry? Would it cause you to miss
All of time we spent together?

Oh, my dear
The road that you decided to walk on
The road that you eventually followed
Is it the right one for you, my dear?
We're so far apart now
Even Heaven has to let its angels
Spread their wings and fly away
All that remains is the pain of a fool still in love

For the rest of my life, who will be beside me?
Please continue to love, my dearest one
I give to you one word of farewell
One word of yearning, one word of love
For the very last time.

Translator's Notes: Vu Thanh An wrote a series of untitled songs (about 50 total) and although this song is called The Last Untitled Song, it is actually #10 of the series. He wrote another song after this called Bai Khong Ten Cuoi Cung Tro Lai (translated as: The Return of the Last Untitled Song) as a sequel to this song where he added more verses but the music composition remains unchanged.


Nguyen Khang – Bai Khong Ten So 4

Composer: Vu Thanh An
English Title: Untitled Song #4
Translated by: Gigi

She's crying to wash away the corporal punishment
She's speaking to forget all the crime and guilt
A maiden's life must also contain her past
But she only has the future to rely on

If these tears have dried in the near future
When we leave this life, only the children will suffer
Of a million acquaintances, how many are actually friends?
When we part from this world, who will bid farewell then?

Will tears wash away those bitter memories for her?
Those heartfelt words from the past... will they come back?

I'm counting those minutes of warmth and passion for her
I'm holding onto those slender strands of hair for her
The words I whispered to her will remain forever
Any talk of the future, please accept it from my hands